Love visiting London

by Elizabeth

Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t live there, but I truly adore visiting.

I was fortunate enough to work near Fleet Street for a 6 month period, right in the heart of it all. The buzz was fantastic.

Now I reside in a sleepy country town. London and its buzz seem a long way away. My children don’t really ‘understand’ London. They may know educationally that its the capital city, and that it's very busy, but they have only visited once.

That trip was amazing. We went to the Natural History Museum, as my eldest two children are besotted with dinosaurs. “WOW!” was my son’s first response, “Awesome!” from my daughter.
It is as good as I remember. We made headway to see the Blue Whale, the ‘live’ Dinosaur, a quick stop to see the ‘twinkly rocks’ (as named by Beth). Oh and of course the gift shop.

This year the children are slightly older, and their interests have widened. My husband and I are going to make a start in introducing them to some of London’s wonderful attractions.

My son seems to have one passion in life, trains; so we will travel by train and underground! He has another growing on him, stars. My daughter too has an interest in the planets.

It is with this in mind that I remembered my own school trip to the London Planetarium. I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I see that it is no longer next to Madame Tussauds. :(

The best news is that its been relocated to the Royal Museums at Greenwich! We are planning to go over part of the school holidays.

However, this is just a short part of the day, we will have time to fill. Looking at the map, there is plenty to choose from, including the Cutty Sark, National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House as well as the Royal Observatory.

Another proposed trip this year, is more for me. I’m just a little (well really quite big) fan of Harry Potter. So we will be booking our tickets and heading to Watford to see Warner Bros studio tour London - The Making of Harry Potter! I just want to try the Butterbeer!

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