Places To Drink In London
...Time to have a drink and relax, ahhhh

With literally 1000's of places to drink in London, you've picked a good city to find a watering hole. It's a real treat when deciding on places to drink in London, that is, if you can actually make a decision.

There's something for everyone ranging from quiet old English boozers to super clubs partying until the early hours. One thing is for sure, you will not be left high and dry in London. Drinking (or appreciation of alcohol) rates highly amongst most local's hobbies.

Insider Tip: Check out Unusual Bars In London for something different. different.

You'll love these bars, pubs and clubs:

best clubs in london Best Clubs In London
Consider London you're urban Ibiza all year round. The club scene in London is massive...second to none in Europe. Month after month London plays host to the worlds biggest DJ's. Clubbing in London is a big night out, so prepare yourself, dress to impress and bring some comfortable dancing shoes because the music will have you up and partying the night away London style.

best pubs in london Best Pubs In London
Traditionally, pubs in London were the cornerstone of the community providing space to socialize, eat out and in some cases collect or post your mail. Over the years their funtion has changed a little but one thing remains the same - beer! Good beer, bad beer, cheap beer expensive beer, imported, home made... you get the picture? So get your family and friends together and find a table in great London establishment. PS - Wine, spirits and food as well!

Cocktail Bars London Cocktail Bars London
Sipping a 'Cosmo' from of elegant martini glass in a beautiful cocktail bar just seems so right. London is a great place to enjoy cocktails. Typically London's cocktail bars are smaller more intimate establishments with nice mood setting ambient music. Some would say, more refined than the pubs, but they are in no way pretentious. You'll be telling your friends about these cocktails for years to come.

Wine Bar London Wine Bar London
Londoners love to relax at a bar with friends and share a bottle of wine and a sharing plate of 'nibbles'. Good news, there's loads of room and you're most welcome to join in the fun. There's an abundance of stylish wine bars throughout the city offering an extensive range of new and old world wines by the glass. Time to pop a cork, sit back and relax.

gay bars in london Gay Bars In London
London is one of the most diverse, tolerant and accepting cities in the world. Being the gay capital of the UK and perhaps Europe means there is 100's of places to drink in London if you are looking for a Gay Bar. The range is good too, pubs, clubs, bars, they're all here and all out in the open. London's a city where you can be proud of your sexuality and enjoy some great drinks at the same time.

sports bars london Sport Bars In London
Being away from home doesn't mean you should miss that big game or the atmosphere of watching sports with your fellow supporters and rivals. Because there is so many expats in London, ALL sports have a passionate following and will be televised for you to enjoy. Check your game day calendar and find out where your favourite team is playing.

Burlesque London Burlesque Clubs
Two of Paris' famous exports in one place at the same time - fantastic wine and beautiful women. The Burlesque scene in London is ever-growing and if you have ever been to a show or Burlesque bar you'll know why. These venues put on great performances night after night to rave reviews. I assure you, tasteful fun to be had by all for the ladies and gents.

ice bar london Ice Bar London
Looking for places to drink in London where your drink is served cold and stays cold? The Ice Bar is for you. By popular demand I've put together all the info you need to plan and enjoy a visit to the ice in London. Make sure you bring your coat this really is a freezing experience!

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