London Travel Planner
...Getting to & Around London

The London Travel Planner will give you an overview of London's transport system and all of the options you have to get around the city. Once you get the hang of the London transport system you will find it's a breeze to navigate and really efficient.

Also, you want to have as much money as possible to spend on yourself, so I'll give you plenty of tips to save some cash along the way!

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london airfare London Airfare
If you haven't looked into your flights to and from London, now is the perfect time to get started. Flights will almost definitely be your biggest travel expense. But they don't have to be exhorbinate, and with the amount of airlines flying to London, if you know where to look, you really can bag a bargain. Get set to fly away with these London Travel Planner tips!

London Airport Transfer London Airport Transfer
All your London Airport transfers options are covered in this section of the London Travel Planner. Thinking of driving? don't forget to pre-book airport parking.

London Tube London Tube
Did you know that the London Undergroud was the first in the world? Yep, the London transport tube has been training people around London for years and I tell you what, they know a thing or two about efficient travel. The London Tube is an icon in this city and once you understand the ins and outs of the systems you'll have no trouble navigating your way around.

london tourist map London Tourist Map
These days we do a lot of our navigating online with phones and tablet devices. These are great, until you want to scribble some notes, leave your bag somewhere, or the phone service drops out. I've got some great maps for you that will make your life in London far easier than flying blind. Personally, I'm not one for asking directions so I love having a good map! No need for a compass, check out these maps.

london cabs London Cabs
London's black cabs are an icon of the city, no doubt. They're also extremely reliable and friendly drivers that will ferry you around London. They however, are not the only option when it comes to cabs in London. There is many private hire car services offer a range of services and prices. Here's the run down so you know what to expect when taking a taxi in London.

london bus service London Bus Service
The double decker London buses may be the most famous of all London transport icons. They zip people around the city 24 hours per days. There are some pros and cons of taking a bus in London and few handy hints you need to know to enjoy the ride and save some cash at the same time. All aboard, this is the Londont Travel Planner 101 course for buses in London!

London Overground Train London Overground Train
You can think of the London Overground Train services as a mini version of the underground, exept... overground. The network runs across London and links into many of the main transportation hubs. From the perspective of a London travel planner you can think of it as an extension of the underground tube. In many cases the overground offers an alternate route to buses and tubes - sometimes far quicker!

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