Shopping in London
...Retail therapy. You're cured!

Hitting the shops in London is akin to visiting the worlds largest retail therapy clinic. Each year millions of visitors flock to the popular shopping districts and spend billions. Every conceivable product is available.

In London, shopping is a day out for some, but for others, not even a week would suffice. The choice is is incredible so one minute, you'll be dodging pedestrians at Oxford St and the next, revelling in the atmosphere of London's newest and biggest shopping center, Westfield.

Ladies and Gentleman, get your plastic ready:

clothes-shops-in-london Clothes Shops in London
Are you ready to be spoiled? The abundance of clothes shops in London is extraordinary. Each and every area of London has a selection of stores that you'll be tempted by. Many visitors find that shopping in London becomes a small treat each day as they go about their sightseeing, purely for the fact they stumble upon a bargain. I'll get you started with my top tips for clothes shops in London

vintage-shops-in-london Vintage Shops in London
Fashion is cut throat and cyclic industry, however the timeless classics still awe and inspire modern day designers and fashionista's alike. London is a city where people feel free to express themselves through their dress sense. Vintage Shops in London are thriving and to the excitement of locals and vistors it seems that everyday more and more are popping up. Turn back time with these vintage shop tips.

designer clothes shops Designer Clothes Shops
London is home to the biggest names in world fashion. Designer flagship stores are the norm, and in London, if you want it, you can have it. Countless shopping districts feature designer clothes shops and they very from entry level or boutique designers through to big names selling garments to the rich and famous. WARNING: Credit Card not included.

Shoe Shops London Shoe Shops London
Shopping in London without shoes is a little bit like a cup of tea and a biscuit, without the buscuit. It's just not right, something is missing. Never fear shoe-a-holics! If your in the market for a trendy pair of flats or high end Louboutins, London has you covered. Similar to designer clothes shops, London is home to the flagship stores of all the worlds best labels. Get your skates on.

music-shops-london Music Shops London
There are some cool stores in London to buy records but at the end of the day, they're pretty much dime a dozen - I still cover them though. Hunting down a grand piano, sax or vintage guitar might be slightly more challenging. Thankfully, many of the best music shops group together so you can ride the base line from one to another.

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