Restaurants in London
...Let your culinary imagination run wild.

Over the past decade or so restaurants in London have become a culinary powerhouse. The rise of Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and the general media attention has inspired 1000's of chefs.

The real delight though, comes from the mish-mash of cultural backgrounds that bring such a flare and variety to the restaurant scene in London.

Insider Tip: Check out unusual restaurants London for an off the wall dining!

Delicious dumplings are devoured in Chinatown, trendy cafe goers sip espresso in shoreditch while special occasions are celebrated in Mayfair.

A global selection of restuarants in London awaits.

top london restaurants Top London Restuarants
Restaurants in London take their place on the world stage very seriously, and it shows. With an abundance of fresh, high quality produce from the land and sea, restaurants in London have an excellent base for creating cuisine that both exciting and innovative. The Top London restaurants take pride of place in the Michelin Guide' having been awarded for their commitment the excellence and consistently deliverying finest dining experience.

good restaurants in london Good Restuarants in London
Gourmet burgers, woodfired pizzas, hearty stews. Good honest, rustic meals, being served day in and day out. There are good restuarants all over London dishing up this type of nosh to their steady stream of smiling patrons. These restaurants are quiet achievers and don't fit the 'awards' mold so you wont hear about them in the press but you will hear Londoners sharing these secrets.
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indian restaurants london Indian Restaurants London
A former UK Foreign Secretary proclaimed curry to be "a true British national dish". London's love affair with Indian food is thriving and is home to 100's (possibly 1000's) of great Indian restaurants. Interestingly the UK is now a major exporter of pastes and spices to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Trust me, these London curry houses know a thing or two about Indian food.

jamie oliver restaurant london Jamie Oliver Restaurant London
Jamie Oliver is British royalty when it comes to food. Fammed for his rustic, non-pretentious, no nonsence approach to cooking he's graduated from cheeky Vespa riding Londoner to international mega star. By popular demand we've got all the details you need to have yourself a 'pucka' meal and great night out at one of Jamie's restaurants. Book early or you will be miss out!

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