Unusual London Attractions
...a little adventure that's out of the ordinary

Unusual London attractions are't everyone's cup of tea. Since you're here though, I'm guessing you're looking for something a little bit different. Even if you're just a little bit curious, I'll gaurantee these weird and wonderful attractions will impress you.

You see, in London, unusual is the norm for many. The depth and breath of attractions in London never ceases to amaze me.

Time to spice up your itinerary:

Unusual Restaurants London Unusual Restaurants London
Wondering what the hell the black box is? That's just one of the unusual dining experiences you can have in London. Dining in the dark, thats all i'll say here, I don't want spoil the fun. Just as London is home to 100's of cuisines from around the world, it's also home to some of the most unique restuarants. You've got to eat, so why let the fun stop when you're at the dinner table?

unusual london hotels Unusual London Hotels
Imagine if your hotel was a London attraction in it's own right. You could be steeped in history as you stroll the halls or sleeping in a room built of cutting edge technology. London's unusual hotels offer a truely unique and memorable experience. High standards and luxury are the norm, however its the uniqueness that symply can't be matched by your more predictable options that make these a very special place to rest your head.

unusual london tours Unusual London Tours
Time to be at one with the unusual London attractions. London is a fabulously colorful city with some exciting and unusual tours that will allow you to experience the city from a vantage point that is left of center. If you've ticked of big London tourist attractions or have some time free in your itinerary, get yourself on a unusual tour. I no time you'll be tracing the steps of Jack the Ripper or following London's ancient Roman tunnels by torch light.

unusual bars in london Unusual Bars in London
The British are known for loving a drink. After a busy day lapping up London's tourist attractions you're going to need to unwind. For some, this means heading to a typical London Boozer (Nothing wrong with that!)but for those in search of something a little more exciting there a selection of incredible unusual bars in London. Prepare your senses for a rollercoaster of joy as you sip away the evening.

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