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The British Museum The British Museum

The British Museum's highlights include mummies from Ancient Egypt, Rosetta Stone and Parthenon sculptures in addition to 1000's of exhibits from prehostoric and modern times. Easily one of the best museums in London and a must-see for museum enthusiasts.

British Science Museum British Science Museum

Seven floors of scien-terrific fun for the whole family. Strap yourself in and be thrilled by a special effects simulator, catch a 3D movie or let your imagination run wild as you explore the command module of the Apollo 10 spacecraft.

British Natural History Museum British Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is popular with kids and adults alike. Walk the halls and learn about dinosaurs and feel you spine tingle during the 'Creepy Crawlies' exhibit. If that's not enough excitement, experience a simulated earthquake. An unforgettable, fun learning experience to be had by all.

Museum of London Museum of London

London is an amazing city with a colorful and sometimes turbulent past. Step inside the Museum of London and take a stroll down the streets of Victorian London, fight the plague of medieval times and see how things were under Roman and Saxon rule.

Imperial War Museum Imperial War Museum

With a pair of 15 inch naval guns greeting you as you enter the building, you can't miss the Imperial War Museum. An incredible collection that offers a sobering and sometimes confronting experience. The IWM is focussed on British and commonwealth troops' involvement in 20th century conflicts.

National Maritime Museum National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum holds paintings, trophies and models from all over the world. Recognised as one of the greatest maritime museums, you can marvel at the romance of the most amazing ocean liners, find out about the chequered history of trans Atlantic trade and learn about London maritime traditions.

Transport Museum Transport Museum

London's public transport is as important to London as many of the more glamourised icons. The Transport Museum is a shrine to the underpinning transport system that has seen London grow into a world leading metropolis. Highlights include an original big red bus and the worlds first underground steam train.

Charles Dickens Museum Charles Dickens Museum

Located in the building he lived in from 1837-1839 the Charles Dickens Museum offers temporary and regular exhibitions. Visitors can see manuscripts, rare editions, original furniture and other household items belonging to Charles Dickens including a custom designed desk for his reading tours.

Victoria & Albert Museum Victoria & Albert Museum

Into art and design? the V&A Museum is a MUST SEE for you. Recognised as the premiere art and design museum in the world the V&A boasts 3000 years worth of incredible artefacts from all continents of the world. Go on your own discovery and find textiles, paintings, sculptures, furniture and more.

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