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On any given day there are halrious comedy shows in London just waiting to give you that belly laugh that you deserve. There's 20 plus major comedy clubs in London in addition to countless pubs holding comedy and open mic nights.

You'll find that in spring and early summer many comedians are trying out new material in preparation for the Edinburgh Festival. Because of this, things are a little quieter in August.

London plays host to many of the worlds most famous touring comedians. They'll be playing at one of the larger entertainment venues and that's where you'll find all the show related info.

Insider Tip: See London's established comedians goofing around with new material a Robin Ince's Book Club Night at the Albany. If you feel like a comedic suprise, head to Salmon & Compass where famous comdedians regularly turn up unannounced!

London's Leading Comedy Venues

HMV Apollo HMV Apollo

The HMV Apollo is one of London's major comedy venues and has played host to numerous big name acts. It's big enough to draw the name acts, but still fun intimate show! Check out the latest new shows and bag your self a ticket to a barrel of laughs.
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The 02 Arena The 02 Arena

The Grand Daddy of entertainment venues with bars, restaurants, nightclubs and of course, shows. The biggest names come to the 02 and it's not just comedy! Check out the line up for all sorts of awesome shows!
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London Comedy Store London Comedy Store

Established in 1979 the Comedy Store is one the first and best places to see comedy shows in London. You'll see mutliple acts in one night and be treated to seeing some of the best names in the business. Want comedy? GO THERE!
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Comedy Clubs In London

Book Club Night Book Club Night - Regents Park Tube
Book Club night at The Albany have been running since 2005. Comedians (some big names!) perform new and experimental material and the founder Robin Ince will 'attempt' to read (criticise) aloud from various second-hand books have been kindly donated by the audience.
Phone Ahead: +44(0)7387 5706 240

Salmon And Compass Fut Tuesday @ Salmon & Compass - Angel Tube

The Salmon & Compass is great venue for Comedy. Not only are the food and drinks spot on, if you're lucky, there might be a drop in performance from a well know comedian. I like suprises and at the Salmon & Compass, you will too! Just turn up on the night and grab your self a nice cold pint!

Comedy Cafe Comedy Cafe - Old St or Liverpool St Tube

A purpose built comedy venue playing comedy 5 nights a week. There's loads of acts large and small that come to the Comedy Cafe. These guys know a thing or two about comedy after 20 years in the business. Tickets are generally up to £14 but you can get a show and feed for 20 quid - thats a good night out!

Amused Muse Soho Amused Moose Soho - Tottenham Court Rd Tube

Comedy shows in London at 'The Moose' are great fun. It's a favourite of punters and comedians alike. This might be due to the no heckling policy and in return, the comedian will NOT ruin your first date by making fun or your or partner for the night.

Jongleurs Jongleurs - Covent Garden Tube

Jongleurs is proof that you can fanchise anything! An international comedy chain?!? Yep, that's right, these guys are all over the place and they're good. Expect eating, drinking and laughing, just try not to choke while doing these at the same time! Book in advance, the shows are popular.

Comedy Camp Comedy Camp - Piccadilly Circus Tube

Hosted by Simon Happily, Comedy Camp have become one of the favourite comedy shows in London. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or straight, ALL welcome - that's their niche and they're proud of it. You'll see the big and small names from the Gay and Lesbian comedy scene. Go on!

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Firstly, sorry about the hideous graphic to the left. It did the trick though and got your attention. Can you help me out? If you've been to a comedy club that isn't listed here, let me know! I want people vacationing in London to have the best possible time and of course give them wrinkles from smiling too much.

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