London Airfare
Find the Cheapest Flight to London!

Let's face it, a London airfare can be expensive.

Depending on where you are travelling from your to and from London may well be a large chunk of your vacation budget.

Insider Tip: Compare 100's of flights to find the cheapest travel option!
Saving money by finding the cheapest London flights means you'll have more to spend while vacationing in London. Or perhaps you could stay an extra day or two... or upgrade your hotel - ah hah, that sounds good doesn't it!

Finding the cheapest London flights can be tricky. There's no one single best way to go about it and it really depends where you are travelling from, when you are visiting, how long you'll stay and how flexible your schedule is. For example, if travelling from Australia or NZ bagging some cheap international flights and breaking your journey is a good way to go.

In this section I've put together some tips and advice on finding flights and I'll also point you to the best online resources to compare flights, airlines and planes.

London Airfare - Timing & Seasons

To bag a dirt cheap airline tickets you need to start planning early. This is of even more importance if you want to fly Premium Economy, Business Class or First Class.
  • Summer: June - August is peak tourist season in London and our friends at the airline companies are well aware. From June 1st until August 31st flights to London are at thier highest.

  • Autumn/ Fall: September - November offers great value for travellers and you'll notice a steep decrease from peak season.

  • Winter: December - February is (apart from a small spike at Christmas) generally the cheapest time to fly to London

  • Spring: March - May is on the 'shoulder' season and offers similar value to Autumn/ Fall.
Insider Tip: Micro-seasons will affect the cost of your London Airfare. Peak days flying from the US are Fri-Sat, from Europe, Thurs-Sun. For all other areas prices fluctuate with demand!

London Airfare - Premium, Business Class & First Class

If you intend on flying Premium, Business or First you'll get the best deal if you book 50 days or more ahead of your travel time. The same principles apply as booking coach/economy and you can use a flight comparison tool to research flights.

If you fly with British Airways you'll have access the the fantastic new lounge facilities the Elmis Spa. If this is important to you, get in touch with your airline before purchasing your ticket(s) and compare thier facilities.

A Few More London Airfare Tips

Before reserving your seat, jump on to Skytrax and check out the airline's quality rating. I recently learnt that 'Royal Brunei' has a 4 Star Rating (The same is British Airways!) and flies from many destinations around the globe but often has heavily discounted fares.

All seats are not created equally. Don't fancy spending hours on a plan next to a crying baby or a presession of people visiting the lavatory? SeatGuru is your friend! You can see all the seating layouts and pick the best one.

Agents are not always right. If there's a flight you really want to take and you can't find any seats available, ring the airline. They never allocate 100% of seats to agents.

Don't forget to organise your airport transfer before arriving in London. It will save you time, stress and money.

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