London Tube
...Unbeatable for speed and value

London Tube Intro

Almost everyone that visits the city will use the London Tube to get from A to B. And, for good reason - the London Underground weaves and winds it's was all over the city and with enviable regularity. You simply can't beat for speed or value for money.

Insider Tip: For important journeys (such as going to the airport) check the official Travel For London website for any delays.

Tube Map

Firstly, you'll need a map. It can look a little daunting but in no time you'll see how great it is to only ever be a few minutes walk from a station. Tube Maps are available at all stations, however if you want to take a look before you come, check it out online on the Travel For London website.

Tube Map


Oyster Card
The most popular way to pay for travel in London is with a 'Oyster Card':
  • Travel access card that you 'pre-load' funds on to
  • Works on Tube, Trains & Buses
  • The right fare is automatically deducted
  • You can check your balance at any station & 'top up' funds
  • Cheaper than paper tickets
  • No lining up to purchase
Insider Tip: You can purchase your Oyster Card online and have it shipped to you before you arrive in London. This means no delays lining up for tickets when you reach London.
If you wish, you may still purchase paper tickets and these are available at self-service machines in all stations.

A Few Final London Tube Tips

  • If travelling with kids, elderly or disabled you may wish to avoid peak times (8:00-9:00am & 5:00-6:00pm) as the carriages can become crowded
  • During summer carry a water bottle with you to keep cool
  • When riding the escalators move to the right to let others through

  • Listen out for directions from station gaurds and drivers
  • Enjoy the ride!

London Tube

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