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Insider Tip: Feeling peckish? Borough Market is a MUST see - go on an empty stomach and sample the delicasies from stall holders. You will not be disappointed.

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Camden Market London Camden Market London

The sites and sounds of Camden alone have made this market a leading attraction. Join the hords of locals and tourists who flock to the Camden Market to take in the atmosphere and browse the stalls. Some say it's gone a little tacky, I say it's great fun and the food is delicious. If all else fails, there are plenty of pubs nearby.

Portobello Market London Portobello Market London

The Portobello Rd Market is a little bit of everything rolled into one (not all on one day, check my guide!) - antiques, jewellery, ethnic 'stuff', paintings, books, fruit and veg etc. Generally, for Londoners it's their preference over Camden Market but don't let worry you. Busiest days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Spitalfields Markets Spitalfields Markets
In recent times Spitalfields has been given a over-haul - to the delight of some and the dismay of others. Spitalfields is "More Than A Market" and offers restaurants, bars and various shops. Big business hasn't taken over completely though, there's still bargains to be had from young designers at adjacent Old Truemans Brewrey's Sunday Market.

Borough Market London Borough Market London

You can't help but fall in love with the Borough Markets. Located in central London just by London bridge they are a mecha for foodies and those seeking to soak up the London atmosphere and be immersed in market culture. Be warned, don't eat before you go. Maket stalls use delicious foodie morsels to tempt punters in.

Special Interest Markets In London

London Flower Market London Flower Market

The Columbia Road Flower Market is THE flower market in London. If you fancy starting a plantation you can purchase a 10 foot banana tree or perhaps just a bunch of roses. Stroll the street and enjoy flowers and plants from all over the world offered by friendly stall holders.

Christmas Markets London Christmas Markets London

Christmas markets operate all across London and most, if not all of the regular markets have altered trading hours and special events for Christmas. Spitalfields, Borough, Camden, Southbank and Covent Garden are the pick of the bunch. If you're in London for Christmas, rug up warm and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

London Antique Markets London Antique Markets

Portobello Market is recognised as one of, if not the best antique market in the world. It's certainly the biggest. It's only just the beginning though, Alfies Market, housed in a former department store offers a world of treasures and than there's the Jubilee Hall at Covent Garden - all worth a look!

Vintage Markets London Vintage Markets London

London is in Love with vintage shopping and there is some great markets around London where you will find interesting selections of vintage clothes that haven't made their way to the stores.

Portobello Market is a hot spot, as is Camden Market and Spitalfields but it doesn't end there!

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