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Top London Attractions is a widely debated topic. Rightly so, there's so much competition amongst the popular city sights. My top London attractions include a mix of galleries, markets and historical sites. The good news - some of them are free! When you are in London, you simply can't miss out on these gems!

Hyde Park
London's most famous park spans over a massive 145 hectares. With manicured gardens and wild woodland areas Hyde Park offers amazing scenery all year round. Hyde Park plays host to rock concerts, Frisbee throwers, lovers and exercise enthusiastic alike. More on Hyde Park

Imperial War Museum
You can't miss the Imperial War Museum. There's a pair of 15 inch naval guns greeting you as you enter the building that in a past life was Bethlehem Royal Hospital. This museum offers a sober and sometime confronting experience for visitor and is focussed on British and commonwealth troops' involvement in 20th century conflicts.

National Portrait Gallery
Not to be mistaken with the National Gallery, this London Attraction is the perfect place to put some names to faces. You'll see all sorts, sketches, oil paintings, charcoal, crayon, you name it, it's been used to create a portrait. I was lucky enough to see a exhibition dedicated to the late Lady Diana - Wow! What a great London experience

Tate Modern
A true London success story. A mix of tourists and Londoners frequent the Tate Modern which now attracts more that 5 million visitors per year. Impressively, that makes it the world’s most popular contemporary art museum in the world and, hold your breath, the most visited London Attraction of all time! Surely that alone is enough to cement the Tate Modern as one of the top London attractions! More on the Tate Modern

Abbey Road
Abbey Road Studio, and more specifically the Abbey Road crossing is the pilgrimage destination for 1000's of Beatles fans every year. The Beatles recorded almost 90% of their music at the Abbey Road studios. 1969 saw the recording of their last album 'Abbey Road'. The front cover of the album featured the now iconic crossing. More on Abbey Road

Changing of the Guard
It may be a somewhat simple, but its most certainly one of the top London attractions. The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace will steep you in history and tradition. If at all possible, you've got to check this out. The ceremony runs for roughly half an hour and shouting, bright red uniforms, horses and a taste of Royal British History are all included in the cost - Free! Oh and don’t forget to get a photo with the guard in his bearskin hat. More on the Changing of the Guards

Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is Londoners City Centre. Situated on the edge of the world famous West End is a massive open air space that is the venue of open-air cinemas, festivals and carnivals as well as featuring in protests when the locals get restless. Grab a sandwich and head to Trafalgar Square to soak up the atmosphere. More of Trafalgar Square

Borough Markets
Borough Markets is the grand daddy of London Fresh Food Markets. You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy this London attraction. Be prepared for a mass influx of sights, smells and tastes. The seemingly endless vendors offer small morsels of their best food to temp you in. If you tried everything on offer you wouldn't need to eat for a week. Go early and go on an empty stomach. More on Borough Markets.

London Eye
The London Eye has now become an icon of London. Originally the installation was only supposed to stay in town for 10 years. It's been an unresounding success with tourists and local Londoners and its easy to see why. I 'flight' on the oversized ferris wheel takes about 30 minutes and offers breath taking views of the city sky line. More on the London Eye

Camden Town
Want to see how the others live? Camden Town is London's undisputed home to the alternative. Punks, Emos, Rockers. You name it, its normal in Camden. There is more to Camden Town than the people however, the famous Camden Markets attracts over 10 million visitors a year seeking out cheap leathers, body jewellery and art amongst other things. Head to Camden Lock Markets for exquisite hawker style food from all over the world. More on Camden Town

West End
The West End of London is immense and well worth a day or two in itself. I love wandering the streets of Soho to find a cool restaurant or bar before heading off to the theatre. The West End is packed with attractions including the British Museum, National Gallery, Somerset House and Trafalgar Square. I can not do it justice in this summary so please, click here and let my share my love!

Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament
"Look Kids, Big Ben... Parliament" If you haven’t seen the movie "National Lampoons European Vacation" do yourself a favour and get it ASAP! It's hard not feel patriotic towards this great city and country when you visit Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. You'll find that there are many vantage points from which you can admire the great English Landmarks. More on the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament here.

Tower Bridge
Iconic, that’s Tower Bridge in one word! Often mistaken for the boring old London Bridge this is one of the true hero's of the London Sky Line and will be found in ALL guides as one of the top London attractions. There are some tours available but if you simply want to soak up the view, head for London Bridge and have your camera ready - one of the other tourists will take a happy snap for you with the Tower Bridge in the background. Here’s more on this top London attraction!

St Pauls Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral dedicated to Paul the Apostle. Ok, thats the boring bit over. It's an incredible piece of architecture dating back a couple of 1000 years. Until 1962 it was London's tallest building. This Top London Attraction played host to the wedding Princess Diana and Prince Charles. More on St Pauls Cathedral here

Brick Lane
A relatively new fixture in the top London attractions, once the slums of East London and the scene of many Jack the Ripper murders. Brick Lane has gone through regeneration. Attracting an edgy, artistic crowd, Brick Lane safely slots in as one of London’s Top Attractions now offering restaurants, markets and festivals year round. Get down to Brick Lane and try an authentic Bangladeshi while soaking up the atmosphere. Take me to Brick Lane!

Well that wraps up my top London attractions. Got some of your own that you would like to share? Be my guest!

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