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Free Museums In London

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Insider Tip: Don't suffer 'Museum Fatigue'. Take your time, enjoy, learn and don't try to see too many museums in a short period of time. There are so many free museums in London so get a game plan together before you go.

The British Museum The British Museum

The British Museum holds 1000's of exhibits from modern and prehistoric times. Considered to be one of the best museums in Europe, if not the world. The highlights include Rosetta Stone & ancient Egyption mummies. Don't miss this one - it's a must see!

British Science Museum British Science Museum

The British Science Museum is NOT only for kids! The whole family will have a fantastic time exploring the 7 levels of fun. Catch a 3D movie, scream like crazy on the special effects simulator, or take command of the Apollo 10 spacecraft and let your imagination run wild.

Victoria & Albert Museum Victoria & Albert Museum

The V&A Museum is a must see for folks into art and design? Actually, it ranks high on most visitors 'to-do' lists. The V&A holds 3000 years worth of artefacts from all over the worl. It's easy to see why it's Recognised as the premiere art and design museum in the world. Paintings, sculptures, textiles and much much more feature at the V&A. and more.

British Natural History Museum British Natural History Museum

One of the most loved of all the free museums in London. The British Natural History Museum offers all things natural. From the elderly through to toddlers, there is a fun and exciting learning experience to be had. You skin will tingle at the 'Creep Crawlies' Exhibit and you'll be amazed as you walk the halls and see how the dinosaurs once ruled the earth.

Museum of London Museum of London

Walk the streets of Victorian London, experience Roman Saxon rule and explore London's amazing, colorful and sometimes turbulent past. The Museum of London will transport you back in time so you can see the great events that shapped this incredible city.

National Army Museum National Army Museum

Four gallery displays complimented with a programme of events and changing exhibitions. You'll discover how Britain's past has shaped our present day and the future. Learn about the impact Britain's army had on the development and story of Europe and the rest of the world. The actions of a few can affect so many - you'll see it here!

Royal Airforce Museum Royal Airforce Museum

Fly you way through the history of wartime aviation at the Royal Airforce Museum. For aviation enthusiasts this museum is a must! There is over 100 aircraft and bucket loads of memorabilia for a fantastic day out. Take flight in the 3D cinema complete with sound and light show that will transport you back to the Battle of Britain.

Wellcome Collection Wellcome Collection

Of all the free museums in London this is the one for the incredibly curious. A unique mix of galleries explore what it means to be human. Exhibitions are ever-changing and this years focus on mental illness in the early 1900's and today and into the future. A truely unique London experience.

Imperial War Museum Imperial War Museum

You can't miss the Imperial War Museum and thats not because it's one of the best free museums in London - There's a commanding pair of 15 inch naval guns greeting you at the entrance to the building. The rest of the collection is just as impressive also. The IWM offers a sobering and confronting recollection of British and Commonwealth involvement in conflicts of the 20th century.

National Maritime Museum National Maritime Museum

Many people stumble across the National Maritime Museum while visiting the Greenwich Observatory. For the maritime minded it's well worth planning a half day or so for this museum alone as it's recognised as one of the best of it's kind. Ocean liners, trans-atlantic trade and London maritime traditions are all featured.

The Anaesthesia Museum The Anesthesia Museum

The Anaesthesia rates high on the 'to-do' lists of medical students, however, it's a truel fascinating display. The collection has over 2000 articles relating to the discovery and use of anaesthesia dating from 1774 to the present day. The museum offers a great historic insight into the history of anaesthetic equipment and pain relief.

Bank Of England Museum Bank of England Museum

Never could there be a more fitting time to visit the Bank Of England Museum. You'll find a detail history of the bank dating back to 1694 complete with ancient gold bars, rare coins and bank notes. There's also some stuff you might not have expected like pikes and muskets that were used to defend the Bank.

Centre of the Cell Centre Of The Cell

Fancy a look inside a biomedical research labratory? You're in luck - this is the first museum in the world to be housed in one. The Centre Of The Cell experince will give you an amazing insight into a day in the life of a scientists and how their work influences and touches out lives on a daily basis. Additional activities and exhibitions during school holidays.

The Royal Academy Of Music Museum The Royal Academy of Music Museum

The museum displays manuscripts, images, instruments and other music related artefacts. You can see instruments dating back to 1650 (Cremonese stringed instruments), historical English pianos from the late 1700's. The museum is a living breathing part of the academy and often hosts lectures, seminars, workshops and other events.

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