London Bus Service
...All aboard the big red bus!

London Bus Service Intro

The London Bus Service is a frequent, efficient and cheap way to get around the city. At times using the buses can be a little frustrating if there is traffic congestion, however you'll obviously see far more than if you use the Tube.

The bus network in London is extensive and you'll never be more than a few minutes walk from a stop. After a night out the bus is a great way to get 'home' or back to your accommodation. London Buses run night services from around 12:00am through to the morning. Typically this is a reduced service so plan your journey before heading out.

Insider Tip: For free tour of London, catch a bus and head up stairs and you'll have a great view of the London streets and sites.
London Bus Service

London Bus Tickets

Oyster Card
London buses use paper tickets (£2.20) that can be purchased onboard or near main bus stops. However the most popular way to pay for travel in London is with a 'Oyster Card' (£1.30):
  • Travel access card that you 'pre-load' funds on to
  • Works on Tube, Trains & Buses
  • The right fare is automatically deducted
  • You can check your balance at any tube or train station & 'top up' funds
  • Cheaper than paper tickets
  • No lining up to purchase
Insider Tip: You can purchase your Oyster Card online and have it shipped to you before you arrive in London.

London Bus Maps

The London Bus network is massive. It's just not practical to have one map. The majority of bus stops have large maps that showing all the buses that stop there and where they go. Travel times and the main stops are also listed. Travel for London offer maps for each

bus route.

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