London City Airport Transfer
To and From City Airport

Plan your London City Airport Transfer before you travel and you'll take the stress out of your arrival and depature from London. Not only that, you'll save a pound or two and find the most suitable option.

Insider Tip: If your travelling in 'peak hour' (7:30am - 9:30am & 4:30pm - 7:00pm) build in extra time for your journey. Transport congestion is common.

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London City Airport Transfer By Bus

Because of London City Airport's close proximity to East London it is serviced by a number of local buses. If you're staying on the East these will be useful, otherwise you're better to opt for an alternate transfer method.

Outside the arrivals hall you can take the number 473 which runs between the airport and Stratford, Silvertown, North Woolwich and Prince Regent DLR Station. The 474 runs to Canning Town, North Woolwich and East Beckton via Silvertown.

Time: Various

Tickets: Single trip - £2. Use an Oyster Card and you can half that.

London City Airport Transfer by Hire Car / Minicab

London City Airport is perfect for hire car and minicab transfers. Because of it's close proximity to the city, 'taking a minicab' is a popular choice. Generally hire cars and minicabs a far cheaper than black cabs, however the price and level of service can vary.

Minicabs and hire cars must be pre-booked in advance and your driver will greet you at the airport arrivals hall. Generally Londoners find this a good compromise on black cabs which can be a little pricey.

Cost: £10 - £35

Time: 10 to 40 minutes depending on traffic

Reservations: Contact your hotel/hostel and ask for thier minicab recommendation

London City Airport Transfer by DLR/ Underground

City Airport is conveniently connected to the London Underground network via the DLR (Docklands Light Rail). This is a fast, efficient way to get into London from the airport. The beauty of using this London City Airport transfer is that you're connected to virtually all of London.

When travelling with kids or carrying luggage best off to try and avoid rush hour as the carriages will be packed with commuters and you might find it quite uncomfortable.

The cheapest way to travel on the DLR and Underground is with an Oyster Card. This is similar to a credit car except for travel whereby you load it up with credit and draw down on it each time you travel on the tube, train or a bus. Check out London Tube for all the info you need including tickets, maps and travelling tips.

Cost: Approx £5 (Cheaper with an Oyster Card)

Time: 20 to 50 minutes depending on your destination

Reservations: Just hope right on! 5am - 1am.

London City Airport Transfer by Taxi - London Black Cab

London Black Cabs are generally the most expensive airport transfer option. The service however is excellent. Your London Cabbie knows the streets like the back of his hand and will off you a fast, friendly and reliable services to and from the airport. After a flight, sometimes it's just nice to know you're in good hands and going to be dropped at your hotel door with no fuss.

London Black Cabs can seat 5 people, so if you have a group they're not as pricey as they first seem. Follow the signs to the taxi stand just outside the arrival hall.

Cost: £15 - £50

Time: 10 to 30 minutes depending on traffic

Reservations: No need, just jump in and be on your way.

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