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Plan your Heathrow Airport Transfer before you travel and you'll take the stress out of your arrival and depature from London. Not only that, you'll save a pound or two and find the most suitable option.

Insider Tip: If your travelling in 'peak hour' (7:30am - 9:30am & 4:30pm - 7:00pm) build in extra time for your journey. Transport congestion is common.

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Heathrow Airport Transfers By Bus

A great Heathrow Airport transfer option is the National Express Bus that runs between the airport and Victoria Coach Station in central London. Victoria Coach Station offers excellent links to all of London via the London Bus Service, London Tube and Overground Trains.

From Terminals 1 & 3 you can take the National Express bus from the Central Bus Station (CBS) which is a short walk from the terminal buildings via the lift, escalators and travelators - just follow the signs.

At Terminal 4 you can catch the bus from stops 13 and 14 located just outside the terminal building on the arrivals level. From stop 7 you can transfer to the Central Bus Station or Terminal 5 free of charge.

For Terminal 5 arrivals, catch the bus from stops 13 - 16 right outside the arrivals level.

The National Express is a comfortable and cost effective way to transfer to and from Heathrow Airport. Your driver will be happy to help you with your luggage and offer advice for you onward journey. Many of the buses are equiped with Wi-Fi so you can catch up on your emails and vacation planning while riding the bus.

Cost: £5.50

Time: 45 to 75 minutes depending on traffic

Tickets: Book in advance at National Express. Available travel times will vary. You'll be accepted on earlier or later services as long as you have you're ticket and there are seats free.

Heathrow Airport Transfer by Hire Car / Minicab

Many travellers visiting London take advantage of the competitive hire car and minicab market to make their way to and from Heathrow Airport. There are literally 100's of companies offer transfer services and the quality of vehicle and associated cost can vary.

You must pre-book your car in advance and your driver will meet you at arrivals. Most people find this a good compromise on black cabs that can be quite expensive.

Cost: £30 - £80

Time: 45 to 75 minutes depending on traffic

Reservations: Contact your hotel/hostel and ask for thier minicab recommendation

Train - Heathrow Express / Heathrow Connect

There are two options for those travelling by train:
  • Heathrow Express
  • Heathrow Connect
Heathrow Express

The Heathrow Express is a dedicated Heathrow Airport transfer service that runs between Heathrow Airport and Paddington Station where there are excellent travel links on offers via the London Bus Service, London Tube and Overground Trains.

This is a good travel option in 'peak hour' as the trains will be far less crowded than the underground and you wont get stuck in traffic on the roads. The Heathrow Express runs every 15 minutes all day long.

Cost: Starting at £16.50 one way for adults

Time: 15 - 21 minutes

Tickets: Book online (Heathrow Express or purchase at the airport/station or pay on the train.

Heathrow Connect

The Heathrow Connect service runs from Heathrow Airport (not T5) to Paddington and makes a few stops (Hayes, Shouthall, Hanwell, West Ealing and Ealing Broadway) along the way. If you're staying in West London could be a good option for you.

Cost: Starting at £8.50(Paddington) one way for adults

Time: 25-30 minutes

Tickets: Book online (Heathrow Connect) or purchase at the airport/station or pay on the train.

Taxi - London Black Cab

There is no doubt about it, London Black Cabs are fast, friendly and reliable. No one knows the streets like the real London Cabbies. In peak hour your cab can use the taxi lanes so it will be far quicker than a minicab/ hire car or the bus. There's also the added advantage that you'll get dropped right at the doorstep of your hotel.

Black cabs can be expensive, although they can seat 5 people and you wont be charged anything extra for your luggage. You'll find the taxi stand right outside the airport.

Cost: £35 - £100

Time: 30 to 75 minutes depending on traffic

Reservations: Just jump right in at the airport or hail one from the street.

Underground - London Tube

Londoner's favourite Heathrow Airport transfer. The airport is conveniently connected to the London Underground network. This provides an affordable, efficient Heathrow Airport transfer to and from virtually anywhere in London.

If you have luggage or are travelling with kids you are best off to try and avoid peak hour as the carriages will be packed with commuters and you might find it quite uncomfortable.

The cheapest way to travel on the tube is with an Oyster Card. This is similar to a credit car except for travel whereby you load it up with credit and draw down on it each time you travel on the tube, train or a bus. Check out London Tube for all the info you need including tickets, maps and travelling tips.

Cost: Approx £6

Time: 30 to 75 minutes depending on your destination

Reservations: Nope, just jump on - tubes run from approx. 5am - 1am.

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